Li Bai THOUGHTS OF OLD TIME FROM A NIGHT-MOORING UNDER MOUNT NIU-ZHU This night to the west of the river-brim There is not one cloud in the whole blue sky, As I watch from my deck the autumn moon, Vainly remembering old General Xie…. I have poems; I can read; He heard others, but not mine. …Tomorrow I shall hoist my sail, With fallen maple-leaves behind me. Du Fu ON A MOONLIGHT NIGHT Far off in Fuzhou she is watching the moonlight, Watching it alone from the window of her chamber- For our boy and girl, poor little babes, Are too young to know whereRead More →

  Li Qi ON HEARING AN WANSHAN PLAY THE REED-PIPE Bamboo from the southern hills was used to make this pipe. And its music, that was introduced from Persia first of all, Has taken on new magic through later use in China. And now the Tartar from Liangzhou, blowing it for me, Drawing a sigh from whosoever hears it, Is bringing to a wanderer’s eyes homesick tears…. Many like to listen; but few understand. To and fro at will there’s a long wind flying, Dry mulberry-trees, old cypresses, trembling in its chill. There are nine baby phoenixes, outcrying one another; A dragon and a tigerRead More →