Wang Wei A MESSAGE TO COMMISSIONER LI AT ZIZHOU From ten thousand valleys the trees touch heaven; On a thousand peaks cuckoos are calling; And, after a night of mountain rain, From each summit come hundreds of silken cascades. …If girls are asked in tribute the fibre they weave, Or farmers quarrel over taro fields, Preside as wisely as Wenweng did…. Is fame to be only for the ancients? Wang Wei A VIEW OF THE HAN RIVER With its three southern branches reaching the Chu border, And its nine streams touching the gateway of Jing, This river runs beyond heaven and earth, Where the colourRead More →

Du Fu A DRAWING OF A HORSE BY GENERAL CAO AT SECRETARY WEI FENG’S HOUSE Throughout this dynasty no one had painted horses Like the master-spirit, Prince Jiangdu — And then to General Cao through his thirty years of fame The world’s gaze turned, for royal steeds. He painted the late Emperor’s luminous white horse. For ten days the thunder flew over Dragon Lake, And a pink-agate plate was sent him from the palace- The talk of the court-ladies, the marvel of all eyes. The General danced, receiving it in his honoured home After this rare gift, followed rapidly fine silks From many of theRead More →

Du Fu REMEMBERING MY BROTHERS ON A MOONLIGHT NIGHT A wanderer hears drums portending battle. By the first call of autumn from a wildgoose at the border, He knows that the dews tonight will be frost. …How much brighter the moonlight is at home! O my brothers, lost and scattered, What is life to me without you? Yet if missives in time of peace go wrong — What can I hope for during war? Du Fu TO LI BAI AT THE SKY SEND A cold wind blows from the far sky…. What are you thinking of, old friend? The wildgeese never answer me. Rivers andRead More →